Our Top 5 Tips For Successful Brochure Design

A piece of print will always carry a sense of value and prestige high quality and a well-designed brochure can have a significant impact. Whether you wish to boost enquiries, increase brand awareness or display important technical information about your services or products, the design will play a crucial role in achieve those objectives.

We’ve compiled this list of important points to help with the brochure design process:

  1. Outline the brochure design objectives:

    Before jumping into the brochure design for your clients, or for your own brand, outline clear design objectives. As with any design and communications piece, it’s crucial to understand what the brochure is designed for so you can evaluate its effectiveness when it’s been delivered.

  2. Draw sketches:

    In the initial phase of brochure design, it is always a good idea to start with rough sketches. At that stage, layouts and the overall outlook are more important than the finer details. Try to come up with a couple of initial concepts and test a few of them to help decide on the final format for your design.

  3. Consider the typography:

    Using too many different fonts in one brochure can have a negative effect on the overall design. Adhere to the brand guidelines and restrict your font preferences to a select few. Try to keep the type style and layout consistent with other marketing materials. If there’s an existing type style, don’t create something new unnecessarily.

  4. Impeccable content:

    Well-written and targeted content is the key to success for any brochure design. Content should be double-checked with regards to spelling and grammar, as well as kept simple. Don’t overload the brochure with marketing jargons. Finally, always think about adding value by understanding who the brochure’s audience is and try to solve their problems.

  5. Use the right imagery:

    Make sure the important visual elements stand out and contribute towards making a good first impression. A selection of strong images can make all the difference, so it is worth spending some extra time to come up with the right visuals. Many brochures fall down by using cheesy stock photography, so always make use of good photography where the budget allows.

Our work examples of Brochure Design:


Cisco Smartcare Brochure

Trend Micro

Trend Micro Launch Brochure


Kardex Brochure Cover


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