Print Design: Tips for Designers

silverstone outdoor billboardThe digital age is upon us. Everywhere you look there are television screens, super-size flat screen displays and dynamic billboard presentations. Despite this world of digital advertising, good old printed materials are still holding ground.

Nothing beats the look and feel of a well-designed, expertly printed flyer or leaflet. The same goes for corporate literature, product packaging and event materials. We offer a print management service that caters for brands and businesses with their finger on the pulse of print; it’s alive and kicking!

trend in crowd leaflet

We’re a professional print design agency offering a range of digital printing services and we would like to share with you some tips for designers to consider.

  • Learn to use grids:

    They help you to achieve the perfect balance, ensuring the overall layout looks pleasing to the eye. Grids help designers when it comes to things like alignment and spacing too.

  • Get your head around typography:

    It’s the practice involved with organising and arranging copy, as well as choosing an appropriate typeface. Different type styles have different personalities, the majority of the time it makes sense to use a font that’s clear and easy to read. Take some time to research your market place and use a font family. Font choice can make or break your design, and ultimately the overall print campaign.

  • Admire the finish:

    Have you considered print finishing options? You don’t get a choice of finishes with digital design, your website is served up to visitors on whatever device they happen to be using. With printed materials you have the luxury of materials and textures to choose from. It’s not just the design itself that’s important, it’s the little things like the finish that make print design more tactile and interesting.

If you’re seeking a print management company with a track record of delivering results, we can help you. Why not talk to us now about the digital printing services that we offer?


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