How To Boost Your Photoshop Skills

photoshop artwork

Since its creation over 25 years ago by Thomas and Knoll, Photoshop has now firmly established itself as the tool of choice for designers worldwide. Adobe bought the distribution license back in September 1988 and since then, a mind-boggling amount of new versions and tools have been added on, to make it one of the most sophisticated design software available on the market.

The fact is that anybody using complex tools, machines or software will develop their own methods of working, based on the training they had as well as their experience. However, it is important to sometimes sit back and review the habits we have developed to work out if they are the most effective and logical ones to produce the highest quality work. We have compiled a list of ideas that will help you review your methods and hopefully help improve them.

  1. Save time and effort by creating folders and layers

    One of Photoshop’s main features is the ability to create layers to allow for easy modification of your project. The ideal way to use them is to ensure that enough layers are created from the start. This means that you won’t have to start the work all over again when you realize that you don’t have enough to complete the project. The other good habit that will save you time is to make sure that your layers are organized into folders. A well-structured project has many benefits. Not only you will be quicker, but it will also create a much smoother process if you work with another team or design agency and need to share your work.

  2. Allow your work to go further: increase your resolution

    By default, Photoshop’s resolution is set at 72dpi (dots per inch). This is usually fine for most professional website design projects, but your work will be limited to the small screen formats and might pixelate if printed. Try and get into the good habit of saving your work at a higher resolution, it’ll save a lot of time and efforts in the long run.

  3. Expand your horizon with shortcuts

    Being able to produce great work in record time is one of the top employers’ requests when hiring designers. It is therefore hugely important to know your shortcuts, as they can speed up and improve your workflow enormously. There are over 40 essential Photoshop shortcuts you can learn here, but don’t forget that you can also create your own ones. This is the equivalent of shorthand for designers and it will separate the good ones from greats!


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