What Impact Does Responsive Design Have On Users?

There’s a very good chance that you’re already familiar with responsive design. If not, the brief description is web design that adapts to any screen, providing optimum viewing and user experience. What this means for users is that, whether they’re seeing a site on their phone or on a desktop PC, the experience is never compromised. But with the increase in popularity of responsive design within the design services industry, how does it affect users? Could responsive design have a positive impact on consumer behaviours? In this article, we aim to find out.

responsive design

The stats don’t lie

If you’ve talked with a web design company, you’ve probably heard of the benefits of responsive design – but why exactly is it better? Well, there are a number of stats that categorically show that consumers and web users prefer responsive experiences. To begin with, here are some compelling facts and figures:

  • If a site doesn’t offer a mobile-optimised experience, 61% of users said they would use a competitor.
  • 62% of companies stated that having a site optimised for mobile led directly to increased sales.
  • 88% of mobile internet users have had a negative experience in the past with un-optimised sites.

Why responsive works

As you can see, there are a number of reasons why responsive web design just makes sense – and you don’t need a specialist web agency to understand that. What you may need them for, however, is to come up with a responsive design solution that fits with your business objectives and your audience. Responsive is not always a winning solution – you still need to be sure that your site provides a good user experience. Extensive testing on a range of devices is key. It will help understand how users interact with the site on various devices, depending on the design options available. In this way, you can be certain that responsive design is working hard for you by offering a universal experience to all of your website’s visitors.

So… has your site gone responsive yet?


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