Worried about your site getting hacked? Google Webmaster Tools can help

website hack, hackingAfter spending time working on your ideal site with your design agency, the last thing you want is for your site to be taken down as a result of hacking. Worse still, sensitive information or customer data could be leaked, which can be a major blow to any business. The other issue with hacking is the fact that it will result in major traffic loss in the longer term, as it will damage your search engine rankings. Finally, any good brand design agency will tell you that it could also seriously damage your brand as a whole if the issue is not resolved urgently. So what steps can you take to limit security risks?

Verify your site on Google Webmaster Tools

Verifying your site will give you access to the many tools and warning systems available on Webmaster Tools for free. Alert messages will be issued in the event of a threat or malware.

Google alerts

Some search queries are associated with hacking and alerts will ensure that you’ll get a warning if your site is linked to any of those.

Keep software up to date

This is perhaps one of the most important security measures to take. Out of date software can often quickly be circumvented by hackers, so making sure all your software is up to date will help increase your website’s security.

Change passwords often

Changing your passwords regularly, as well as using different passwords for different logins, is a good measure to take. This means that even if one of your passwords gets stolen, you won’t be handing access to everything overnight.

Avoid pirated software

While this is a given, the temptation is often there for free software that might otherwise be expensive. However, pirate software can often contain hidden viruses, which will ultimately make the cost much higher than simply buying the software from a retailer.

Set email forwarding

Google Webmaster Tools enables email forwarding, which allows you to receive all messages directly in your inbox. This is a simple step to take to ensure that you are directly informed of any issues with your site.

Overall, there are many ways to counter and limit the damage hacking can do. Of course, there is never a guarantee a site will be 100% safe, but by using the Google Webmaster toolkit, you can certainly limit threats and be more in control of your website.


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