How good is your mobile site? Quick health check

mobile website, responsive design

Statistically speaking, there’s every chance you could be browsing this article on a mobile device, like almost 60% of today’s Internet users. And with on-screen real estate at a premium on mobile devices, there’s literally no room for site-design errors where tablet and smartphone access is concerned. So here are a few of the defining attributes of a mobile site to discuss with your brand design agency:

Micro Design

Simply downsizing your desktop website is not the answer, you need to modify your approach to work in the smaller environment. There’s often a need to streamline your content, you might also need to redesign navigation systems, consider the volume of copy and the size of your text. Remember too that users experience variable loading speeds and many people won’t even bother with a site that places heavy demands on mobile resources.

Touch Navigation

Unlike desktop machines, most handheld devices use touch-screen navigation, so your site must be optimised for this feature. Menus, buttons and other touch targets must be well-spaced to ensure your visitors can access the features they want, and thus give you the conversion rates you anticipate.

Searchable Solutions

Some sites cram in too much content, which can make the information you need tricky to find. If your website is an information resource that’s heavy on content, it’s far better to have a prominent search function that is highly visible and easy to access. And if it’s a ‘sticky’ menu that remains on top during scrolling, that’s even better. Having a search function can not only frees up valuable space on in your navigation, it can also save your visitors valuable time and effort.

Mobile-optimised Functionality

You will know the most common features your mobile customers are looking for. Therefore your design should aim to make these high-profile items on your site which are both unmissable and extremely easy to execute.

Review and Refine

Accommodating your mobile customers must remain a business priority, which in turn means your mobile site should be fine-tuned to behave predictably in order to serve this purpose. So, test frequently to assess cross-platform reliability, as well as speed and convenience.

The handheld digital world is moving rapidly so a digital agency represents the quickest and most efficient way to translate your real-world ideas to the small-screen digital domain.


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