Top tips to improve your brand on-line

branding, how to build brand onlineThe majority of businesses have an online presence that allows potential customers to interact with the brand in some way; the most successful ones certainly do. To stand out from the competition, you must embrace all the tools at your disposal. When you approach a brand consultancy to help raise your profile, there are some key points they will consider.

Celebrate achievements

Highlighting your awards or accolades gives people confidence and adds credibility to your communications. If you’ve been praised for customer service, innovation or quality, it’s always worth shouting about.

Customer satisfaction

Potential customers want to know that your former customers have been satisfied with your service. This can be achieved through customer testimonials, as well as by allowing users to review and rate their customer experience.

Free content

Place additional resources at your visitors’ disposal to give them more reason to return to your site, making it more likely that they’ll use your services. Resources to consider might include downloadable information, document templates or links to other resources.

Plain speech

It’s important to ensure you communicate your proposition in a clear fashion; try to avoid jargon or technical terminology that might be a barrier to some. A website shouldn’t be used as an opportunity to demonstrate how many of your industry’s buzzwords you know, but rather as a place for you to demonstrate what you can do for your customers.

Social media stats

Social media channels can be really effective communication tools. Including links to your social media accounts can encourage engagement through a number of different platforms. It’s important to be smart with social media tools, they need to be used productively — there’s no point in having a Twitter account that’s inactive.

If your business works with a digital agency, it is important to consider all of the points above. Having a clear understanding of the essential tools for brand communication will give you the confidence to engage with an agency that can help you to achieve your vision.


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