Top Web Design Trends For 2015

design trends 2015

As any web design company worth its salt knows, design trends can vary widely from year to year. 2014 saw a lot of focus placed on mobile technologies, with designers everywhere seeking new and better ways to optimise their sites for use on mobile and tablet devices; other trends included flat design, minimalist navigation and an increase in video and moving backgrounds.

So, what new trends and innovations do we anticipate in the year ahead? In this article we highlight 7 features that you can expect to see featuring on a website near you.

Video content

There’s been a recent upsurge in sites using video to promote their services; from infomercials to product demonstrations, websites are increasingly offering visual content to captivate their visitors. With many people switching to fibre optic broadband and faster online services, now is the time to deliver engaging video content.

Hidden navigation

By de-cluttering the screen, designers can maximise space to deliver content. Navigation menus that slide in or are activated by a roll-over or click are making a return to websites, particularly on the mobile viewport where space is at a premium.

Ghost buttons

Ghost Buttons are have certainly become more popular recently, subtle links to pages that blend into the overall page design. Often just a simple transparent shape with no fill and just a keyline — hence the name — these links help to create a more minimalist design. The style is quite popular on visual websites that make use of full-screen photography.

Parallax scrolling

The parallax effect has been around for sometime now, but it has become more popular in web design recently. Web designers are using the effect in scrolling sites to introduce a sense of depth and and create 3D effects. It can be an effective way of driving users through a narrative or storyline on visiting your site. Definitely a trend that’s set to continue in 2015.

Designs for larger screens

If 2014 was the year of mobile websites, could 2015 be the year of the big screen? With web0-ready TVs becoming more prevalent, designers are having to consider people surfing the web on large TVs or projector screens? Designing for the larger screen requires a different approach, which is sure to become more widespread in the years ahead.

Dynamic content

Imagine being able to deliver unique content that’s relevant to individual visitors. Dynamic content can be really powerful and engaging, as long as you have accurate information about your audience. Being able to deliver content in this manner is the future of the web, which could have a tremendous effect on conversation rates.

Colour co-ordination

Brands can certainly benefit from our emotional response to colour. Your branding consultancy can help to establish a colour palette, or perhaps theme your site around an existing identity. Whether you go for neutral tones with an accent colour, or a rainbow of colour, it’s important to get it right.

As 2015 unfolds, it’s going to be interesting to see which of these trends become common practice and which ones are phased-out by new ideas or advances in web technology.


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